SO I DO (2007)

Contemporary folk rock, lyrically charged, Neil Young meets ColdPlay on a bus while on vacation in Ireland. The bus driver plays the banjo.

Full Album (includes bonus track Exit Strategy*):$9.99


*= exclusively available as part of album purchases at, not for sale at iTunes or other online services.


Individual Track: $0.99

      1. Fallen Leaves.mp3

      2. Man Overboard.mp3

      3. Shine.mp3

      4. Give.mp3

      5. Little Boy Blue.mp3

      6. Mis Underestimation.mp3

      7. Dance To The Wind.mp3

      8. Born Again.mp3

      9. Niagra Falls.mp3

      10. Breast Plate.mp3

      11. Words.mp3

      12. Secret.mp3

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