The Landing

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The Landing

by Mickey B / 

This song based on Roger Casements final correspondances to Nina His sister, describing his thoughts and feelings as he landed in Ireland for the last time . Roger Casement was executed for treason by the British on August 3rd 1916 . see for details on how to Support Completion of this project :-) Album release August 3rd 2016. Please Sign up ! and recieve a hard copy. available exclusively here for a few weeks .help me complete the project :-) “Roger Casement was not just a great Irish patriot, he was also one of the great humanitarians of the early 20th century, a man who is remembered fondly by so many people across the world for his courageous work in exposing the darkness that lay at the heart of European imperialism,” the Irish President Michael D. Higgins said, referring to Casement’s work in exposing exploitation in the Congo and in South America. ‘The Landing” is the second of two singles currently released from the up coming album ‘The Ghost Of Roger Casement” written by Michael Brunnock

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