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A blessing for anyone (Caitlin Johnstone)

I have admired Caitlin Johnstone for a long time.
I love her writing
I love her willingness to look for truth .
Her journalism informs me
Her poetry inspires me
I am truly amazed at her insights and ability to smell bullshit

I made a decision along time ago to write music for some of her poems.

This is one that I’m proud of, published 12/12/19
words Caitlin Johnstone
music Michael Brunnock

Caitlin Johnstone – Rogue Journalist

I think, most times we think we are right. It’s painful to be wrong, But most times we don’t know anything.

Intuition is not Inspiration. There’s error when we confuse the two. Its rare when one can tell the difference.
Intuition is subjective. Inspiration comes from source and is never wrong. When we really deeply look for truth, we find and recognize the things that are not true.
But that is more easily recognizable. Calling out untruth take courage.
and when Caitlin calls it out, I read what she writes and i get more hopeful.
I get insight into the meaning and nuances of hope vs despair.
In my opinion she has more balls, more discernment, than any journalist I know of, and there’s a few good ones out there… if you want to find them.

I suspect her decision to become completely independent, suits her writing and truth telling. She doesn’t have to concern herself with who will publish her articles.
She made a decision that anyone can use her writing as non-copyright material.
Because her desire for people to hear truth, trumps ( excuse the pun ) her desire to be credited with writing it. That observation was a turning point for me.

People need truth rather than comfort though they don’t always know it.
Support her. Her website with a link to patreon is

Caitlin has impeccable sources and bases her articles on source material which you can trace through her links on every article she publishes. Do yourself a favor if informing your self is more important to you than cheering your team. Sign up for her blog and give her something through Patreon to keep it flowing, if that is something you can do.

Caitlin doesn’t usually publish her work on Patreon. the best way to make sure you keep on seeing the material she puts out is to subscribe to her mailing list here

Michael Brunnock.
Singer, songwriter.

Michael Brunnock possesses an extraordinary voice, and his songs mine the profound. So it’s not surprising that David Byrne cast him to sing the role of an Irish musician on the brink of success whose voice guides Sean Penn through an emotional journey of self-discovery in This Must Be the Place (2012). The score by Byrne with lyrics by Will Oldham (Bonnie Prince Billy) called for a distinctive vocalist, which Brunnock is.

Michael Brunnock
The quality of the songs really stand up on the album because there are no gimmicks on the album. It sounds as though not a note or sound was withdrawn, replaced or added in for effect.
~ Peter N - 2 U I Bestow | more press quotes

Hyland & Brunnock: Live to Love

Album Release Concert Oct. 25, 2018. Click here for tickets!

We are excited to release our first collection of tunes on October 25, 2018, at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2, 8:15 pm ( Click here to grab your tix from Ticketfly ). A six-song album that covers topics from the #metoo movement, to environmental issues, to love in all its capacities.

We were humbled to team up with the best of the best to record “Live to Love”. Produced by David Hopkins and recorded and mixed by Robert Root (The Killers) at Battleborn studios in Las Vegas, we couldn’t be happier with how our tunes are coming along… but working with amazingly talented folks ain’t cheap and we need your financial support to get us over a few final hurdles before our release date. 

Live events

Michael Brunnock @ Gealach Gorm Music Festival

Michael Brunnock @ Gealach Gorm Music Festival
Sat, Apr 04, 2020
08:00 pm

at Gealach Gorm Music Festival

Gealach Gorm Music Festival, County Waterford, Ireland.

Michael Brunnock in Ireland

Michael Brunnock in Ireland
Fri, Apr 03, 2020
08:00 pm

at Bookmarket cafe Kells

Back in Ireland! Bookmarket cafe Kells, County Meath 

Michael Brunnock @ Rockwood Music Hall

Michael Brunnock @ Rockwood Music Hall
Wed, Feb 26, 2020
06:30 pm

at Rockwood Music Hall

Celebrating Rockwood Music Hall's 15-Year Anniversary with Spooky Ghost, Pamela Sue Mann

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News and updates

I’ve had a bit of a long walk in the dessert. I’ve been lying low on the promotion media front. Trying to put it in perspective. Trying to accept the turbulence I see and sometimes engage in, on social media and wondering how art fits in as an agent for positive change.

I’m commiting to getting The Casement work finished this year coming 2019. At the very least it will be a body of songs that mark moments in his life and realisations he had along the way. I’m glad now I didn’t push it.


Selected videos

Fallen Leaves by Michael Brunnock

Michael Brunnock - The Landing (Official Video)